skillet chicken dinner ready to cook

skillet chicken dinner ready to cook

Some cool Chicken Recipe images:

skillet chicken dinner ready to cook
Chicken Recipe

Image by thomas pix
everything’s been cut, ground, peeled, juiced, pressed and seasoned to go in the skillet. yum!

Roasted Chicken
Chicken Recipe

Image by cinnachick
Earlier this week I purchased 200 pounds of chicken from Paulie’s Pastures. That’s a lot of chicken, I know. But I really wanted to support a local farmer, I’ve wanted to transition to eating free-range, organic, well-cared for meat. We did it over the summer by purchasing beef from Slagel Farms (which is the best beef I’ve had outside of a fancy steakhouse), and it made sense to do it with chicken as well.

So I decided to create my favorite roast chicken recipe with the first bird.…

This was one of my first recipes I wrote, and I think it is the most popular one I’ve written. It’s easy enough that I’ve had a Chicago cop tell me he made it for a date and a cooking-phobic friend tell me it inspired him to try cooking. It is very easy, and as you can see, it is quite tasty-looking when it comes out of the oven.

I was too lazy to tie the wings and legs down when I made it. I’d tucked the wings underneath, but they popped out, and I’ve often cheated by tucking the legs into loose skin near the bottom of the bird, but this one was trimmed well so I didn’t have the option.

I’m thrilled that I got birds ranging in size from a little over 2 pounds to 7 pounds. So I get to fit the cooking method to my whims. That big bird is going to likely become a big ol’pot of chicken and dumplings, or maybe I’ll make homemade noodles?

Chicken, Pollo, Pollastre
Chicken Recipe

Image by NĂºria Farregut
A delicious way to cook it! Easy and super savory :D

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