Nice Tasty Chicken Recipe photos

Nice Tasty Chicken Recipe photos

A few nice Tasty Chicken Recipe images I found:

Chicken w/ Pistachio-Cilantro Pesto, Lentil Salad, Asparagus
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by rianpie

All REALLY tasty. That pesto was fantastic!

Dinner 4/7 (Day 12)

dukk mandu guk
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by churl
A Korean new year favorite, dukk mandu guk. It’s a soup with rice cakes and dumplings. Very tasty. Here’s the recipe.

(1) Rice cakes
(2) Mandu (aka potstickers, gyoza, wonton)
(3) Chicken stock (or beef)
A green onion
Egg, beaten
Sesame seed oil

(1) Start by soaking the rice cakes in warm water to make them soft (overnight is best).
(2) Then prepare or defrost your mandu (helps if you’ve made your own).
(3) Take your chicken stock (homemade is always better) and bring it to a raging boil.
(4) Add the green onion, finely chopped.
Then (5) take your beaten egg and pour in slowly while (6) stirring vigorously. If you stopped here, you’d have a basic egg drop soup.
(7) Salt and pepper to taste. Add a little sesame seed oil for flavor. Turn down the heat to medium and (8) add the mandu and rice cakes. Let the soup continue to cook for 5 to 10 minutes. The excess rice starch from the rice cakes will help to thicken up the soup a bit.
Then (9) serve into a bowl. For garnish, take some scissors and cut some nori (sushi seaweed) into fine strips. And you’re done.

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