Nice Chicken Recipe photos

Nice Chicken Recipe photos

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Lunch – 03 May 2010
Chicken Recipe

Image by essgee51

Agnolotti of dungeness crab with cauliflower purée, pickled florets and light crab bisque
Chicken Recipe

Image by Renée S. Suen
This tasty starter from Warren Geraghty’s west cookbook consisted of the following components:
1. Crab "tortellini" filled with shredded dungeness crab, fresh chives and bound with a fresh chicken mousse. I had more filling vs the pasta, and no way was I able to get 2 tsp of mixture in the 2 1/2-inch round and still close the tips, so I made them into (aka left them as) agnoletti.
2. Shellfish bisque (using not only crab shells, but lobster shells, shrimp shells and scallop liquor, reducing it, adding a touch of brandy, fresh tarragon and then whipping cream). I couldn’t get the foam up from the bisque and decided to just leave it as is.
3. Cauliflower purée (strained). This was really nice and smooth, creamy without being heavy, and contrasted well with the stronger bisque. I used the very floral olive oil that was individually corked and wax sealed from the west kitchen. Very nice stuff!
4. Pickled cauliflower florets. Confession: I chose this recipe because I had pickled cauliflower florets already from the west kitchen. Um, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in trying the recipes anyway. ;)

Overall, the crowd favourite that night. Besides making more agnolotti (I had the pasta and there was so much filling) I used the rest as a large crab cake snack before dinner. It was fluffy and moist, and a little on the salty side (due to the amount of crab) – in the pasta, it didn’t taste as strong and was nice. Next time (if there is) I’ll make the rounds larger (or use dumpling skins) and fill them with the 2 tsp. of filling. The pasta was a little too thick for me (even if I got more than 12 rounds noted in the recipe).

stuffed chicken
Chicken Recipe

Image by manthatcooks

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