Nice Chicken Recipe photos

Nice Chicken Recipe photos

Check out these Chicken Recipe images:

Chicken Recipe

Image by Aqdotad

Chicken Recipe

Image by justinhenry
Found some early tomatillos and hot banana peppers at the market this weekend and decided on tomatillo-braised chicken with green beans (an altered Rick Bayless recipe – he uses pork and potatoes).

Brown split, skinned chicken breasts, remove. Brown sliced onions (local). Roast tomatillos (local) & a hot pepper or two (local) until blackened a bit and exploding, puree, add to sizzling onions in pan. Reduce until cooked, darkened, and thick. Add some water (1.5C or so), salt, chopped cilantro. Put breasts back in, nestle beans into sauce (or depending on preference, wait until 10 minutes before chicken is done).

Cover and cook to 165F, adjust salt, pull chicken off bone, serve chicken over beans with sauce.

Really shows off the ability of tomatillos to add sweetness to a dish.

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