My First Garlic Lime Chicken

My First Garlic Lime Chicken

Some cool Tasty Chicken Recipe images:

My First Garlic Lime Chicken
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by AlyssssylA
This is a Saving Dinner recipe adapted to have more vegetables, and about three times as much garlic. I would have prefered it with rice, but it was a tasty dish to be My First Dinner in My New House!!
Recipe here:
I added broccoli, green onions, red peppers and about 4 cloves of fresh garlic to the pan when making the sauce. Why not have vegetables when you can have vegetables? :)

** From way back in June 2008! **

Goat Cheese & Mushroom Stuffed Chicken
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by JillWillRun
Chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and cremini mushrooms. I kind of invented this version by combining several recipes, kept the parts I liked and ditched the techniques I didn’t want.

The mushrooms were pulsed in a food processor and sauteed with butter, to make a duxelle. Unfortunately I don’t think they have a very lovely presentation with that method. But when I search on Flickr for duxelle, it looks a lot like other’s photos. Maybe it’s just a tasty thing that looks ugly.

The chicken is seared and then continues to cook in a covered pan with white wine and water. I think I may change it to wine and stock next time though, just to give it even more flavor.

Chicken livers, grilled Chinese style
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by cookipediachef
This is a fantastic meal. It requires a few hours marinading but once that’s done it takes minutes to cook and is really tasty. It’s also probably one of the cheapest meals you can make with meat. Try it now!

Recipe here

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