Lunch – 17 March 2010

Lunch – 17 March 2010
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Some cool Chicken Recipe images:

Lunch – 17 March 2010
Chicken Recipe

Image by essgee51
Banana not pictured. Details in notes.

the instar development of chicken taquitos
Chicken Recipe

Image by going on going on
See the whiter smoother coloration of the younger taquito, and how the filling protrudes less at either end? It is still the same species. It is easy to confuse the chicken taquito with the pork taquito at this point. The most noticeable difference is the smell. It takes dissection of the taquito by an expert to truly confirm whether it is chicken or pork.

images for a website…

mughalai chicken
Chicken Recipe

Image by Mullai’s Kitchen
Chicken cooked in rich sauce made with nuts, spices and cream. (Mugalai Chicken / Mughalai Chicken)

The recipe for this is in my website

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