Lemony roast chicken couscous

Lemony roast chicken couscous

A few nice Tasty Chicken Recipe images I found:

Lemony roast chicken couscous
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by minor9th
Pretty tasty and very healthy – taken from BBC Good Food, but threw in a yellow pepper (as it needed using up) and didn’t bother with mint leaves. Would consider using slightly less lemon next time.

Bean and Chicken Tostada
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by Stef Noble
I’m not going to turn this site into the “All Cooking Light All The Time Show”, but I have been making a number of meals from their recipes lately. As I’ve been trying to keep track of things a little better, it’s nice to know nutritional information for everyday meals*. I tend to avoid the recipes that rely too much on pre-packaged ingredients or inferior versions of food (low-fat cheese… blah!). What I’ve realized by browsing their recipes though, is that many are perfectly normal versions of recipes, but, again, just being aware of the calories in the recipe is helpful as well as recognizing an appropriate portion size.

Anyway, tonight I made an altered version of their Black Bean and Chicken Tostada for myself, Joe, and Ben. Altered in just a few ways:

* I used dry pinto beans instead of canned black because that’s what I had a lot of at home.
* I shredded the chicken instead of chopping it coarsely and only used half of the amount of chicken called for (which was mostly because I forgot to pull enough out to thaw, but the shredding made it stretch farther and we had enough for the three of us)
* Introduced just a smidge of a shredded Mexican cheese blend because a little cheese makes everything better (the picture above was taken right after topping… it got meltier soon after)

Both kinds of dried peppers were easily found at Wegmans. I think you can find ancho chiles everywhere these days. If you’ve ever spent any time in Upstate New York, you know that it’s not a hotbed of authentic Mexican cooking. I think I can safely say that this was one of the better Mexican-style meals cooked in Ithaca this evening (readers of the Ithaca craigslist will know what I speak of). I was really pleased with how this turned out and I’m sure I’ll make it again in the future. The chile puree and tomatillo sauce are not difficult at all to make, so, assuming that you have the beans ready to go, it’s not a particularly time-consuming recipe. The fresh tomatillo and cilantro flavor really made these nice, the chicken was moist and tender, and the bean and chile mixture provided a nice earthiness. We have some leftover tomatillo sauce and I think it would work nicely on top of some huevos and toast.

So there are definitely some worthwhile recipes within the realm of Cooking Light. I’ll definitely continue to explore there and post about my attempts here. At the very least, readers can learn about some tasty recipes that also offer full nutritional disclosure.

* Which is not to say that I’ve been totally good on the healthy front. Last night was the venerable “Ladies Night” (in which various female members of the preservation program that happen to be still in Ithaca get together for gabbing) and it was a night of pizza and pie. The pizza pie for me consisted of two slices of fresh mozzarella, plum tomato, and fresh basil pizza from Pizza Aroma in Ithaca. Verdict: EXCELLENT. They do make an expensive pizza, but it’s very good. We got three pizzas total, the fresh mozz and basil, the salad pie minus cheese for our resident vegan, and one with sausage and cheese for the meat-eaters. The crust is crisp and flavorful, with a dusting of cornmeal – thick enough to be toothsome and non-droopy, but thin enough that the crust doesn’t overwhelm the whole thing. We got regular dough, but they also offer whole wheat. As you can see from the linked menu, they offer a wide variety of toppings so that both the adventurous and the timid can be happy.

The dessert pie was a vegan summer berry pie from Greenstar, the local co-op. The crust is flaky and almost of a shortbread-like nature with an oaty streusel topping. Inside is a mix of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and who knows what other berries. I ate way too much, but I can’t get enough of berry pies and it’s nice to have a quick pick-up option that is very satisfying (and vegan-friendly so everyone can have some dessert!).

Unfortunately, there was just too much blabbing going on, so no photos of Lady Pie Night. I have some muffins that I need to discuss as well, but I made them this evening and the light was too poor for good photos, so those will wait until tomorrow.

Stuffed chicken dinner 2007_0421
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by Stephen Rees
A cheap stuffed boneless, skinless chicken leg and put in a 350°F oven until it smelled nice. Throwing a large russet potato into the microwave is about the easiest way I know of to get the carbs and fibre sorted, and then I have one of those bags of pre-cut veg. It says “stir fry”, but these were simply steamed. Again you can easily just pop them in the microwave with a little water in a plastic tub for a couple of minutes. This ain’t cooking – but the meal was tasty, easy to do and balanced nutritionally with either fruit and yogurt or cheese for afters. And the draft Guinness of course. Who needs recipe books?

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