Cool Chicken Recipe images

Cool Chicken Recipe images

Some cool Chicken Recipe images:

Chicken Chow-mein (鶏肉炒麺)
Chicken Recipe

Image by stoicviking
I love cooking, it’s one of my favourite hobbies. Earlier I had tried out Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Chicken chow main. It was very tasty, however I had overcooked the noodles and they became kind of lumpy. I tried again today, taking care of the noodles and this time adding a touch of Chinese pepper (花椒)and U Shan Fan (五香粉). It was wonderful! Spicy and zesty, with Bokchoi and juicy Shitake mushrooms. This might become a semi regular…

Recipe a Week – Pretzel Encrusted Chicken
Chicken Recipe

Image by Scott Hamlin

Zuni Chicken
Chicken Recipe

Image by dunham_1
Chicken made with the Zuni cookbook recipe.

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