Bundt Pan Baked Chicken Dinner…

Bundt Pan Baked Chicken Dinner…

Some cool Tasty Chicken Recipe images:

Bundt Pan Baked Chicken Dinner…
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by Heartlover1717
I first stumbled across this idea here. There are PLENTY of other examples and methods – go ahead and Google them.

What I like:
• EASY – you probably already have most of the ingredients
• Clean-up is a breeze
• TASTY, and easy to adapt to your own preferences regarding seasoning

What I would do differently:
• I would cut the potatoes instead of leaving them whole
• I would remember to pat the chicken skin "dry" before rubbing on the butter/herb mixture (oops, but okay this time!)
• I will try either Brussel Sprouts or Brown Rice in place of the potatoes some time

There are other recipes out there (lemon/garlic/etc.), so I may seek them out and try them as well.

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