Black Cow #3

Black Cow #3
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Black Cow #3
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by 2-Dog-Farm
tried and true recipe.
You will need the following:

one glass
one rubber chicken
one part milk
one part coca cola

pour Coke into a glass of milk

I thought it was tasty but my chicken sqawked all day about it and look where he is now! if you’re craving for a quick fix for a coke float and don’t have ice cream in your freezer , I double dare you to try this drink out. And yes, the heat made me "looney", "mad", "insane" enough for me to post this silly photo

Wagamama Chicken Katsu Curry
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by Jo Neville –
This is my version of this tasty curry from Wagamamas.

see for the recipe

365.286: Paprika chicken
Tasty Chicken Recipe

Image by WordRidden
I set out making this, my second attempt at paprika chicken, with the intention of documenting it and writing it up on Principia Gastronomica. But a weird incident in which it seemed like my oven was broken meant that I didn’t get to make the way I planned to, so the recipe still isn’t ready for publication. The chicken turned out tasty nonetheless.

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