Armour Poultry Recipes, 1953

Armour Poultry Recipes, 1953

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Armour Poultry Recipes, 1953
Chicken Recipe

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"Table-Dressed Poultry is the modern homemaker’s answer to quality and convenience in the chicken, turkeys, ducks and geese which she buys and prepares for her family’s enjoyment. The raising of poultry has advanced to scientific mass production methods. Special meaty breeds are fed to produce maximum growth in the shortest time, thus giving uniform, young birds which cook more quickly and assure tenderness and fine flavor…"

Hormones and Antibiotics by the truckload! Eat it up, America!

Front and back covers from a 24-page promotional published by Armour and Company, Chicago, Illinois.

Sausage-stuffed chicken with apples
Chicken Recipe

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A very easy but delicious recipe for the fall.

Chicken Recipe

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Miam !

(A possible recipe?)

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