200 Fish and Shell-Fish Recipes CookBook Ebook

200 Fish and Shell-Fish Recipes CookBook Ebook

A few nice Chicken Recipe images I found:

200 Fish and Shell-Fish Recipes CookBook Ebook
Chicken Recipe

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200 Fish and Shell-Fish Recipes

Fish provides another class of high-protein or tissue-building food.
As this term is generally understood, it includes both vertebrate fish that is,
fish having a backbone such as salmon, cod, shad etc. and many
other water animals such as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, oysters and clams.
Fish can usually be purchased at a lower price than many other
food items and for this reason possesses an economic advantage over them.

Some varieties of fish are sought more than others, the popularity of
certain kinds depending on the individual taste or the preference of
the people in a particular locality.

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